Regular nature contact for employees can reduce employee stress and sick leave, increase productivity, improve memory, attention and creativity, reduce blood pressure, inflammation and blood sugar, and promote pro-social behaviours. Time in nature can also improve immunity, sleep and mood.

Regular time in nature also increases crucial 21st century leadership skills such as mindfulness, empathy, creativity, better risk-taking, being less impulsive and the ability to see patterns in complexity.

Providing nature connection experiences as part of your corporate wellbeing program provides a point of difference for your employee value proposition in a way that produces returns for your business. 

introductory offer - half price

For just $330 we will take a group of up to 10 people for a 3 hour Forest Bathing experience for their health and wellbeing.

This includes a Certified Forest Bathing Guide, tea and snacks, and all equipment. Participants also receive information to take away about daily nature connection practices that can continue to enhance their health and wellbeing.

As we are a new enterprise, all we ask in return for this special offer is a testimonial (with your company name) and referrals to other companies that you think will enjoy and benefit from this amazing experience.

Optional Extra: For an additional fee we can also organise a lunch on location.

To book, or to discuss this further, contact us.

corporate events

Nature-based wellbeing activities can also be incorporated into corporate events such as retreats, professional development and strategic planning to give your staff the time they need to recharge their attention, creativity and mood.

Freerange Future  enjoying a Forest Bathing session with Alex at Belair National Park.

Freerange Future enjoying a Forest Bathing session with Alex at Belair National Park.

A life-changing experience, connecting with nature like I haven’t since I was a child. Renewing, empowering, calming.